Specializing in Biophysics Research

Graduate Students

Calvin Lin

Email: clin@ucsd.edu


Degree: BS Biochemistry, UC Santa Barbara

Project: Structure and Dynamics of ASB-containing E3 Ligases

Tristan Gunther

Email: trgunther@ucsd.edu

Hometown: Madison, WI

Degree: BS in Biochemistry, University of Wisconsin – Madison (2019)

Project: Investigating the dynamic structure and function of NFkB’s intrinsically disordered domain

Luis Oliva

Email: loliva@ucsd.edu

Hometown: Pomona, Ca

Degree: BS Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, UC Santa Cruz (2022)

Project: Biophysical studies of the NFκB family and further development of analytical biochemistry techniques. (Co-Advisor Dr. Lisa Jones)

Anthony Cai

Email: aycai@ucsd.edu

Hometown: Westborough, MA

Degree: BS/MS in Biochemistry at Brandeis University (2022)

Project: Characterizing the interface interaction between RPS3 and NFκB.


Harry Li: hal051@ucsd.edu

Natalie Chen: huc020@ucsd.edu