Specializing in Biophysics Research

Current Lab

Work in the Komives Lab is focused on understanding the parameters that govern protein-protein interactions mediated by non-globular proteins. Four main systems are currently under study. We were the first lab to do amide H/D exchange to understand what happens to the solvent accessibility of the protein-protein interface during protein-protein interactions. The systems currently under study include the thrombin-thrombomodulin interaction, the NFkB signaling system, the Cullin 5 E3 ligases and the urokinase-uPAR interaction. The lab consists of one postdoctoral fellow, six graduate students and three undergraduate students. Our lab oversees the the Biomolecular and Proteomics Mass Spectrometry at UCSD which includes a Waters Synapt G2Si HDX Mass spectrometer and a LUMOS. The lab is also a member of the NMR User Group at UCSD.