Graduate Students

Kristen M. Ramsey


Hometown: Tallahassee, FL

MS Chemistry, UC San Diego 2015
BS Biochemistry, Florida State University, 2012


Project: Biophysical characterization of IκBε and its role in NFκB regulation

Ryan Lumpkin


Hometown: Lakewood, CO

MS Chemistry, UC San Diego 2016
BS Chemistry, University of Denver, 2014


Project: Structure and Dynamics of ASB-containing E3 Ligases

Riley Peacock


Hometown: Boulder, CO

BS Biochemistry, Gonzaga University, 2015


Project: Thrombin-Thrombomodulin


Wei Chen


Hometown: Taichung, Taiwan

BS Chemistry, National Taiwan University, 2014


Project: Dynamics of the NFκB-IκB interaction


Constanza P Torres-paris

Santiago, Chile

BS Molecular Biotechnology Engineering, Universidad de Chile, 2015
Molecular Biotechnology Engineering Professional Degree, Universidad de Chile, 2017


Project: Dynamics of urokinase-type plasminogen activator (uPA)


Chris Condon

Oceanside, CA

BS Biochemistry, 2017 UC San Diego


Project: Ubiquitination of Histones by E3 Ubiquitin Ligases and its Effect on Dynamics


Post-Doctoral Scholars

Dominic Narang


Hometown: Jalandhar, India

PhD Biophysics:
Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Mohali (2016)


Project: Studies on the interaction of NF-κB with nucleosomes.

Research Scientist

Alla S Ahmad

Hometown: San Diego

BS in Biochemistry: UC Irvine (2018)


Identifying Sumoylation Sites in the Human Proteome and characterizing the
Ubiquitin-activation cascade and its association with E3 Ubiquitin Ligases



Undergraduate Students

Rachel Blake


BS in Biochemistry/Chemistry: UC San Diego (2019) (in progress)


Project: Dynamics and Structure of a Cullin-RING Ubiquitin Ligase.


Terry (Shih-Ting) Huang

Taichung, Taiwan

B.S. in Chemistry/Biochemistry: UC San Diego (in progress)


Project: Dynamics of the NFκB p50/p65 dimers


Allen Po

Orange County, California

BS in Biochemistry/Chemistry: UC San Diego (2019)


Project: Binding Kinetics of Full-length NFkB